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ABOUT Pharrell Marine Equipment Supplies

Pharrell Marine Equipment Supplies is the importer and wholesaler for marine and boating supplies. We stock boat systems, safety and navigation, blocks, chains, barometers, electrical, wind sensor and general boating accessories.

Parts &

Pharrell Marine Equipment Supplies provides you with the best solutions in competitive prices. We stock marine parts from many local and international brands and are proud to be official distributor of Calypso Instruments for Australia / New Zealand.

Calypso Instrument
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What Our Customers Say

“We highly recommend Phrl Marine for any Marine electronics. I will be calling them again in the near future for more upgrades and installations. Great service, Thanks.

Thanks a lot for this amazing experience!”

Simon Lee

“I am happy to report that the yacht, it’s owners and its crew have had a great season with Excelerate with one less thing for a busy captain or us to worry about

Me and my friends appreciate your assistance with all the arrangements. Thank you so much!”

Austin Moore

Phrl Marine are an innovative company, always looking to improve integration of equipment and provide fresh thinking for old communication issues and create new solutions from the ground up.

Thank you so much!”

Jessica Carter