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Weather and wind conditions are very relevant in outdoor sports. Whether you practice golf, athletics, archery or cycling; wind speed and direction can have an impact on the performance of sports causing a worse or even better result. Knowing real time wind conditions can help to improve results on the field in order to decide strategic moves.

Our Ultrasonic Portable wind meter provides a perfect solution for those sport lovers who want to improve their performances. Wind sensors give accurate and reliable data about the wind speed and direction in real time, allowing the user to connect to it via bluetooth with their phone or GARMIN watch and obtain the wind data through a free app. Thanks to its small size and light weight, our portable anemometer can be used as a hand-held or stand-alone wind meter.


Wind direction is one of the environmental factors that affects the most when playing golf. Measuring wind speed with the wind sensor and direction in real time could be really useful during a golf practice, no matter if you are a professional or amateur player.

Tracking wind information via a wind meter directly from your mobile device will help you to choose the perfect stroke. Wind data can be available right on your phone or watch, and you can carry your anemometer in your pocket or your golf cart.

If you are in charge of a golf club, you can also create a network with several wind anemometers distributed around the golf course and collect the data in a central point or allow the players to get that information on their personal phones.

Our wind meters / sensors provides wind measuring solutions for Players and Golf Courses.


Time trials are important when qualifying for championship. Knowing the wind speed and direction gives you a great help for the cycling team to decide which strategy should be followed, how close they should be to a curve, or how they should position. All these factors have a significant direct impact on the aerodynamics which has become an essential aspect for cycling races.

For those professionals athletics who are accompanied during long cycling races with another vehicle, our ultrasonic handheld anemometer / wind sensor is the device which will provide such comprehensive info, and by being connected via bluetooth to their personal smartphone device will help plan strategies during races.


Wind speed and direction can have an important impact on archery and trapshooting activities. Shooters and archers can use wind information to their advantage to make a great shot. Wind speed can alter the trajectory, shooting either high or low or drifting it away from the target.

Measuring speed and monitoring real time wind direction data can be very useful to know the perfect arrow to choose, in archery, and determine the shooting distance, in trapshooting. 

Our portable wind anemometer fits in your pocket and you can track the data right on your personal phone or digital watch to minimize the risk of uncontrolled wind affecting your archery and trapshooting.


In track or on the field, running against the wind or with it, can really make the huge difference in finishing on times. Knowing the wind directon before the races is a benefit for those athletes who can change their strategy facing the race.

Wind speed and direction can help or restrict athletes and provide real time data / statistics about wind speed and direction are critical information to be measured at track or on field races.

Save your wind meter data when tracking.

Anemotracker App connect your ultrasonic wind meter to your Smartphone

With Anemotracker App you can get wind speed and direction from your Ultrasonic Portable Mini and Ultrasonic Portable Solar bluetooth anemometers. You can also save your wind meter data when tracking.

Available for all smartphones Samsung and Apple also compatible with Garmin Connect IQ.