Heavy raining - floods

Monitoring weather conditions and obtaining reliable and accurate data has become crucial to carry on diverse emergency activities. Emergency servic professionals need accurate information to choose the right tactics and equipment to battle an ongoing challanges. This data is just as important to ensure people’s safety and successful emergency operations.

Wind speed and direction, among other environmental factors, need to be measured and tracked in real time in order to anticipate the weather behavior and make crucial decisions.

Measuring wind on-site

Our Ultrasonic Portable wind meter provides a self-powered handheld solution to measure wind on-site. Our wind sensor gives accurate and reliable data of the real and apparent wind direction and speed allowing the user to connect it to any mobile device via bluetooth and for use in different apps. Its small size and light weight, our portable anemometer can be used as a handheld or stand-alone wind meter.

Emergency professionals and firefighers count on accurate weather information to do their jobs successfully.
They use Ultrasonic Portable wind meter to measure wind speed and direction before deploying aerial equipment and ladders.

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