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Management of infrastructures operations and construction can be tough work which requires previous knowledge and understanding of the weather conditions on-site and on high rise buildings, tunels, cranes, bridges. Unmeasured environmental conditions can result in various inconveniences in construction. It is crucial to track wind conditions such as wind direction and speed since one can optimize productivity on operations as well as detect the possible failures that weather could cause to be able to prevent irreparable damages and unnecessary costs.

Our wind meters provide a perfect solution for construction services, measuring wind conditions at real time. Our Ultrasonic Portable wind sensor gives accurate and reliable data about the wind direction and speed and can be connected to any mobile device via bluetooth or to a smartphone. You can also connect your Ultra Low Power wired range to a datalogger and display or send information. Its robustness and improved rain performance design makes it a great device to withstand extreme weather conditions.


Large structures such as bridges are painted with protecting coatings in order to maintain the structure and prevent corrosion. Environmental conditions play an important role, making it critical to measure and track wind direction and speed as well as temperature, and precipitation.


Security is crucial on the inside of tunnels as they are counted on for an evacuation plan in case of accidents or fires. To ensure safety, it is necessary to measure wind direction and speed and other environmental factors that can affect those accidents.


With the construction of buildings, the pouring and placement of concrete also need to be measured given that it needs to dry in a particular way. Measuring wind direction and speed in this case is important to avoid premature drying of the concrete which can be less effective.

Temporary constructions are used in celebrations, events and amusements parks. On special events, it is important to measure and track weather conditions in order to ensure a safe environment and correct management of the event. Wind speed and direction are crucial in these kind of constructions, as it can affect the stability of the construction of the themed park. The higher the wind, the more dangerous it becomes to place a temporary construction.


Cranes are heavy structures that can be dangerous if there is an accident. Environmental conditions, wind direction and speed can affect the functioning of cranes and elevators. Unmeasured strong winds can cause crane accidents, resulting in irreparable damages on buildings or workers and huge economical losses.

It is highly important to measure wind direction and speed on construction sites where there are cranes and elevators to avoid any possible accidents related to heavy winds.

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