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Use of renewable energy is on the rise, however, there is a major lack of resources to generate it. Solar panels and wind turbines are needed to create renewable and clean energy. A deep analysis of the area is carried out before placing these solar panels, wind turbine equipments, in order to optimize them and minimize waste of resources, as an optimum placing of a wind turbine can result in a greater profit.

Our Ultra Low Power wired range provides a perfect solution for the placement and functioning of solar panels and wind turbines. Our wind sensors give accurate wind data with the wind direction and speed allowing the user to connect it to a datalogger and display or to send information. Its robustness and improved rain performance design makes it a great device to withstand extreme weather conditions.


Solar panels are very sensitive to wind gusts as they can easily break. Economic losses on broken solar panels are quite expensive, making it crucial to measure wind conditions in the area. Our wind anemometers allow measuring and tracking of wind speed and direction around the solar panels in order to ensure proper functioning and avoiding intense damages.


Wind power has become one of the best sources of renewable energy in terms of cost effectiveness, simplicity and sustainability, as a valuable alternative to traditional fossil fuels. Our wind anemometers are a wonderful tool in wind resource assessment and turbines.

Losing wind data could cause economic losses related to wind power. By mounting wind direction and speed sensors on the top of the towers helps to measure and track wind direction and speed, one can ensures safety of the environment around the turbines, save possible damage costs and help in the process of renewable wind power.


Industrial plants release emissions and odor through their chimneys, which affect the population around the factory. In order to control those emissions, it is important to measure wind direction and speed and track the information in a datalogger.

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