About Us

Pharrell Marine Equipment Supplies is the importer and wholesaler for marine and boating supplies. We stock boat systems, safety and navigation, blocks, chains, barometers, electrical, wind sensor and general boating accessories.

We have been in the business since Sep-2012 in Melbourne Australia. We are just an email away from providing you the best fit for your marine needs.

Parts Distribution

Pharrell Marine Equipment Supplies provides you with the best solutions in competitive prices. We stock marine parts from many local and international brands and are proud to be official distributor of Calypso Instruments for Australia / New Zealand.

Calypso Instrument is a manufacturer of Wind sensors for outdoors and professional applications. These wind instrument come with solar power as well as wired and are useful in providing accurate data on wind speed and direction. It can be used in construction agriculture as well as marine industry.

Applications for Wind Sensor

  • Agriculture : Precision Agriculture, Spraying, Fertilisers and Irrigation
  • Energy & Industry : Solar, Wind Power, Cranes, Elevators, Gas, oil & Industrial Plants
  • Infrastructure & Construction : Tunnels, Roads & Bridges, Buildings & Temporary Constructions
  • Marine : Fishing & Commercial, Sailing, yachting and water-sports, Marinas and Harbours
  • Scientific & Meteorology : Research, Meteorological monitoring, Air Quality and environmental, Smart Cities
  • Firefighting : Wildfire, urban firefighting
  • Ballistics : Long Range Shooting
  • Drone & Aviation : Airports/ UAV
  • All Outdoors

Director’s Message

Our business has been built over the years by trust from our customers and manufacturers. We understand how adventurous the sea word is and likewise the importance of having the right equipment to enjoy all it has to offer.



  • Anchor and Mooring
  • Wind Sensor
  • Sailing Hardware
  • Safety and Navigation
  • Boat Trailer
  • General Accessories