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Environmental conditions are very crucial key factor for many activities. If you are involved in Meterelogical Monitoring, Scientific research, Smart cities, Air quality measurements, our Ultra Low Power wired range provides reliable, accurate and real time wind data.

Our wind sensors provide wind information (direction, speed, averages and gusts) allowing you to to either connect it to a datalogger to display or send the data directly to the cloud. Its robustness and improved rain performance design makes it a great device in all weather conditions.

Its pocket size and a very affordable price with a variety of communication protocols, makes it perfect for scientific and meteorological applications. Its Ultra Low Power demand (0.3mA) fits many loT and smart city applications.


Due to climate change weather conditions are affected by numerous environmental factors which influence when making important decisions. Measuring wind direction and speed among others have become very easy when owning our Ultra Low Power wired anemometer.

It’s characterized by its robustness, light weight and easy mounting systems offer the capabilities to monitor and log wind data in the cloud in real time.


Extreme weather conditions have a considerable impact on society and the environment thus, researchers and universities in all over Australia have been using our wind anemometers to carry out scientific and field studies.


Smart cities high rise buildings face increasing environmental pressures and infrastructure needs, which has led to a growing demand from citizens to deliver a better quality of life and to do so at a sustainable cost effetive. Companies and individuals constantly require real-time information to improve their decision-making processes and have a better quality of life.

Thanks to the incorporation of technology-remote sensing and the amount of information it provides by our wind anemometers, we have the potential to solve major concerns, such as the importance of measuring wind direction and speed in polluted areas or major cities where it becomes a dangerous hazard.

Collecting wind data from our wind sensors used in the monitoring of public infrastructures is extremely helpful in order to use resources efficiently and avoid unnecessary costs. For instance, real-time wind data is useful to eliminate regular inspections, implement intelligent transportations systems and contribute to the development of smart cities.


Air quality depends strongly on environmental factors such as wind direction, speed and temperature among other agents, as they have a direct effect on the concentration of air pollution.

Measuring wind conditions is crucial in the monitoring of air quality; it helps to identify the source of the pollution. Wind direction and speed should be measured when monitoring air quality, as they affect the dispersal of pollutants.

Wind speed can be used to determine the level of dispersion: the higher the wind, the lower the concentration of contaminants there are.

Connect your wind meter (Anemometer) to your Smartphone

Connect your device to your Smartphone

With Anemotracker App you can get wind speed and direction from your Ultrasonic Portable Mini and Ultrasonic Portable Solar bluetooth anemometers. You can also save your wind meter data when tracking.

Available for Android and IOS. Compatible with Garmin Connect IQ.

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