Ultrasonic Wired Ultra Low Power Anemometer For Sale in Australia


Ultrasonic Wired Ultra Low Power Anemometer

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Ultrasonic Wired Ultra Low Power Anemometer

Our newest windmeter, a 40m/s IoT, Ultra-Low Power Ultrasonic Anemometer:

Ultra Low Power-Ultrasonic wind meter (25m/s, RS485 / NMEA0183, None)

Ultra Low Power (ULP): <0,4mA @5V, 1Hz

Small: 70×70 mm

Light: 130-240gr

The ULP represents an important technology breakthrough condensing an extensive R+D investment that brings us to a new generation of ultrasonic wind meters.

·Both shape and firmware have been enhanced for an improved rain performance, being this point key for static applications such as weather stations.

· Mechanical design has been revamped making the unit more robust and dependable. 

· We feel very proud to release a unit that requires under 0,4 mA of power at 5V, sampling at 1Hz. 

· RS485 output. (Poll or on demand) 

· UART model under demand.

(Further protocols under request).


Agriculture: Precision Agriculture, Spraying, Fertilisers and Irrigation

Energy & Industry : Solar, Wind Power, Cranes, Elevators, Gas, oil & Industrial Plants

Infrastructures & construction: Tunnels, Roads & Bridges, Buildings & Temporary Constructions

Marine: Fishing & Commercial, Sailing, yachting and water-sports, Marinas and Harbours

Scientific & Meteorology: Research, Meteorological monitoring, Air Quality and environmental, Smart Cities

Firefighting: Wildfire, urban firefighting

Ballistics Long Range Shooting

Drones and aviation: Airports/ UAV


Read our manual and check the technical information for helpful details about ULP

Additional information

Weight .350 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm


Wind Speed: Range: 0 to40 m/s, Resolution: ±0.1 m/s at 10m/s

Wind direction: Range: 0 – 360º, Resolution: ±1º

Sensors: Ultrasonic transducers (4x), Sample rate: 0.1 Hz to 20 Hz

Power: 3.3-24 DCV.

Pwr consumption: 0.4 mA at 38400 bauds, 1 Hz. (5V)

Data output: NMEA0183 ( RS485 on demand/Poll )

Firmware: Upgradable, Current version: TBA

IP Code: NOT allow to be submerged fully or partially in water.


baudrate: 2400 to 115200 (8n1) bauds

output rate: 0.1 to 20 Hz.

output units: m/sec., Knots or Km/h.


Ultra Low Power User Manual

Ultra Low Power Data Sheet


NMEA Connect PLUS Gateway

Adapter to Pole


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